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   I was hoping some of you ladies would have some advice /tips. We are planning a 2 week vacation to Orlando Florida in October of 2014. Way a head of time I know :) I will have a 6 year old and a 1 year old. Any tips on what to see/do? Also to cut costs? We plan on flying down there and back. Also any hotel recommendations ? It will be during fall break for our daughter so she will not be missing school at all..


I live in the Orlando area and I have annual passes for Disney. I will come back later and post more. Are you wanting to stay on property?

Yea we would like to but we are open on different hotels..we will need to have transportation to the parks since we will not be renting a car. So the onsite transportation is important. We are also trying to figure out food costs and and weather appropriate clothes since we are from MN so the weather is quite different here in October :)

I've stayed in Disney hotels twice and I'd say if you're choosing between the moderate and economy with kids stay in the economy because they felt much more Disney to me.  The downside of the economy ones in school break will be that you run the risk of there being events on for schools and they may block book those.

Do you have a rough budget?  That will give me an idea of what to recommend.


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