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Need birthday party ideas for kids ages 2-4

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I need to figure out something entertaining for kids ages 2-4.  My oldest is going to be turning 4 soon and he's the oldest in the group of kids.  I plan to invite the local cousins and a couple of the neighbor's kids.  Other than the 1st bdays, we haven't made a big deal of birthdays so this is my first that I have to plan some sort of kids activity.  I'd rather not have it at home as the thought of having to clean up after 8 children and their parents after a party is not something I want to do.  Any ideas?  Even better if you're in the Atlanta area & can think of something OTP on the northwest side of town.

My daughter had a bowling party for her 4th birthday and it may have been the best day of her life so far! It worked out to be I think $15 per child, plus whatever we ordered for the adults.  It was a blast! Some of my DD's friends had their 4th birthday parties at a Children's Museum, at Chuck E Cheese (not my favorite), at a Creative Kids Stuff place, at a place that has jumpy things, at an indoor giant park, etc. 

I love the museum idea! Why have I never thought about that before?
In my area, city parks can be rented, the kiddie indoor pool, the theater will show your DVD in a special screening for your party. Oh and I think special storytelling/reading times with a craft can occur at the library too.

Chuck E Cheese isn't my favorite either.  I like the museum idea.  I just looked up Imagine It & it's $250 for up to 23 people, which would cover parents & kids - that's not bad...  I didn't really want to go downtown, but I guess it's not so bad.

Chuck E. Cheese around here tends to be in the news a lot for fights - bad enough the police have use pepper spray and arrest people.  At least a few times a year somebody leaves a local Chuck E. CHeese with injuries severe enough to send them to the hospital and/or charges that send them to jail.


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