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There's a thread in the Family and Children folder discussing Food Dictators.  A couple of us have gotten off on a sidetrack of Sleep Dictators - and how not everyone is a morning person and not everyone is a night person.....AND THAT'S OK!
I thought I'd start a new thread, so we don't keep disrupting the original. :)

I was a night owl, horrible morning person until my late 20's. Working third shift made everything easier. I am now a morning person, and can barely stay up past midnight. DH is very much a night owl.

My mother is not a night owl or a lark. She is sleepy in the evening and grouchy in the morning. We remain silent (in the morning) for our family peace when together.

Maybe it's just because I'm pregnant, but for the last 3 months, I have spent pretty much all of my down time sleeping. I love to sleep. I want to be in bed by 9 every night, but I'm always decent in the morning. Not so much a morning person as a well rested human being.

Ginger G:
When my significant other first moved in, our different sleep schedules was quite a bone of contention for us.  I work 8 to 5 and have to up no later than 6:30 to make it on work on time.  I like to go to bed early, usually around 9:30 or so, not necessarily to go to sleep right away, but to read or watch tv and start winding down.  My BF on the other hand is something of a night owl, and due to his work schedule can sleep in to 9:00 or so in the mornings.  For months, he just could not understand why I wanted to go to bed so early and would get highly offended, as if I were doing it to get away from him.  We would actually argue about it on a regular basis.  He would make me feel guilty, so I would end up staying up later and be really irritable the next day at work.  Finally one day the subject came up in front of my parents, and my mom said "Well, Ginger G has always liked going to bed early, even as a child!"  I guess it finally clicked for him, and now I can go to bed when I want with no complaints from him!

I haven't read the other thread. Can someone give me some examples of what a sleep dictator does? I'm picturing my control freak relative standing in her guest bedroom door pointing a finger at me while I'm bundled up in her guest bed ordering me (yelling at me) "You must sleep 7.2 hours!", turning out the light & closing the door.


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