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Author Topic: Helping a young couple draw boundaries  (Read 12700 times)

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Re: Helping a young couple draw boundaries
« Reply #45 on: March 01, 2013, 06:09:19 PM »
We're in this situation now, and I'm doing my best to make suggestions w/out butting in too much, but it's hard! DIL's mother seemed nice when I met her but since the kids got married she has this attitude of 'He stole my daughter from me', I get phone calls with long tales of woe about how much she was enjoying DIL moving back home to live with her after finishing far-away college etc, I'm doing my best Switzerland impression (love that!) by listening and empathizing with her, and listening to DS when he calls me totally fed up. She just can't let go of her daughter, she didn't get married according to Mom's life plan for her (living at home as she worked, getting married at about 30 instead of 24).

The woman has no boundaries, DIL is working at setting some, which I'm grateful to see. In the meantime I have to counsel DS and give him someplace to vent instead of directly to the out-law.... ;) I sympathize with you, believe me!!