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How Waterlight Grew Her Spine: Spine Story #3 (minor update reply #2)

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Horrible..I'd say other things, but the filter would smack me.  >:(

I'm sorry for your loss, despite it being a while. And I'm very glad you no longer have this *thing* in your life. Can't call her a person, because she's clearly a beast.

It shakes me to my core when I read stories like this...that there are actually people like this running around amongst us.  :'(


--- Quote from: Kari on March 28, 2014, 03:20:28 PM ---Wow, how can a person be so callous as to badmouth someone for choosing one's dying father over her cats? How this person has any friends is beyond me!

--- End quote ---

Well, SS version of events would have been quite different. More along the lines of: "Can you believe it? She bailed on me at the last minute before Thanksgiving! Plans were ruined. It affected my entire family's Thanksgiving dinner. How selfish can a person be?"

She certainly never, ever would have said word about why the OP has to say no. She had to be the master of her outrage, and the why wouldn't help her position. Plus, she probably couldn't remember why the OP declined. She was probably so shocked at the word  "no" that any reason for it just sounded like static in that big void between her ears.


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