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--- Quote from: Virg on March 20, 2013, 11:05:38 AM ---kymom3 wrote:

"Scouts are great for teaching independence.  Our boys do a little demonstration for new Scouts before their first campout--this is how to pack a backpack, what to take, etc.  They usually throw in some funny things-don't pack the huge iron skillet or the 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle."

Yeah, they'll all laugh until they're stuck in the woods, lost and cold, and then they find out how easy it is to start a good fire with jigsaw puzzle pieces.  Then won't they be sorry?


--- End quote ---

When I was a boy scout, I saved up all the dryer lint from my house for about a month before our annual week-long trip.  I stuffed zip-lock sandwich bags with it and then compressed it under a stack of encyclopedias for a few hours before actually sealing the bags.

Eventually, I started buying cheap wax from a craft store and dipping the compressed bundles of lint in melted wax.  Not only did it make them waterproof, but they burned much longer.


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