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Am I the only one whose jaw just DROPPED at the utter entitlement of the first LW?  I was hoping it was fake, but was there really a time when this was acceptable behavior?

Giving the uninvited guest your children's dinner??   :o

What made my jaw drop is that Miss Manners in the Post I got this morning didn't even have this letter in it!  I guess the online version is longer.

Anyway, it didn't make my jaw drop (I wasn't surprised by it) but I agree with Miss Manners.

Wow, what a piece of work!  :o

I'm almost 50. I do remember occasionally (maybe a couple of times per year?) where we'd end up with drop in company on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon. It was usually distant relative who was passing through our town and decided to "drop by" and see if we were home. Sometimes they'd stop at a pay phone (early '70s) and call and say they were in town  and inquire about our availability, but even if we had a full day planned my parents would say "of course, come by."   Sometimes we'd just open the door and there they were. And our day's activities did switch up but the guests never stayed more than an hour or two, were invited to lunch/dinner but they never accepted the offer, and everyone was happy for the unexpected chance to visit.

But that was a completely different era. I have had friends call and say they are in town and their schedule would allow them to drop by for a short visit if we weren't busy. But I can not understand what this writer is requesting.  The pre-phone, horse and buggy days when someone would stop at a homestead on their 5 hour trip from ranch to town?


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