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Did you ever call a boss/co-worker an inappropriate term?

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Oh dear, I think I need more sleep.  :o
My co-worker/superior (except we really don't have much hierarchy here) just said something I didn't hear so I said, "What, honey?"  :-[ as I would to my DH. My other coworker laughed, but he gallantly ignored it (the best way to handle it, I think) but did ask a few seconds later if I was ok.

Have you ever done anything like that? If the genders were reversed, would you get upset if the (male) co-worker made a similar error talking to you (female)?

Going for more caffeine now  ::) :P

Auntie Mame:
I wouldn't fret too much about that slip, things happen.  I would also be embarassed if I did something like that. 

I had a (male) boss once slip and call me "dear" he was mortified.  I could tell it was accident and ignored it, he didn't call me that again.

I think it depends on the situation. I think that usually it's possible to tell whether someone's done what you did, and had a minor brain fart, or whether it's an actual problem.

I've had (male) clients end phone calls by saying "love you" once or twice. it didn't upset me, in context it was obviously just an error.

I would only be upset if the co-worker in question was inappropriate in other ways. As a  one-off from someone I know is normally appropriate and professional in the workplace, I'd probably react like your colleague did, and wonder if you're OK.

When I read the title, I thought of much worse things than "honey" (that might just be a reflection of my last bosses, though).

If it is a slip, I would ignore it and carry on.

I was in the stair well at work. I was going up and a male coworker was going down stairs. I recognized him and said hello and he said "hey sexy" back.

He was so embarrassed and apologized profusely. His mind was wandering and that is how he normally answers his wife. I had a good laugh and told him not to worry about it. I think he was six shades of red as he walked away.


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