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Neighbor Gave Me A Vintage Sewing Machine In Cabinet - Update #24

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I walked over to talk to a neighbor (he was outside watching tree trimmers take down a pine in his front yard).  I used to be on the Home Owners' Association (HOA) board, he is a current member. 

He "rememembered" a vintage sewing machine that he had that he thought that I might like and put it on wheels and pushed it over to my house.

I am now the proud owner of a vintage machine with cracked wiring that has been either in a garage or under a carport for a while.  (I don't dare plug it in.)

I am; however, fascinated by the idea of getting it working.  I am not fascinated by the idea of how much it is going to cost to get the wiring redone before I can find out how well the machine sews.  And my wrists are nagging me about the tendinitis when I think about stripping the finish off the real wood desk and refinishing it.....mean old wrists. 

The etiquette questions come down to:

"What do I do to say 'thank you'?",
"Am I obligated to keep it and use it?", and
"Can I give it away on Freecycle to someone else who might be able to fix it themselves and use it or sell it?"

Renee G

Cookies usually go overwell for thank yous.

You are not obligated to keep it. However, you might want to consider using it for something else - I have my great-grandmother's treadle machine as a night stand near my bed.  I would not sell it. 

Redneck Gravy:
I could kick myself for letting my grandmother's sewing machine cabinet get away...

I agree with cookies or a small gift card to his favorite eatery/coffee/snack joint.   And I do not believe you are obligated to keep it either.

Cookies, a gift card or some other small item is always appreciated as a thank you.  POD that you are not obligated to keep it.

I agree that you're not obligated to keep it but I would at least let your neighbor know before giving it away. He might have someone else in mind that it could go to if you don't want it.


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