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Neighbor Gave Me A Vintage Sewing Machine In Cabinet - Update #24

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I'm in Houston and would definitely be tempted but I just don't have room for it. I'm definitely in declutter mode as well, (I've been selling stuff on ebay* & craigslist over the past year) plus I already have a working sewing machine so I really don't need it either. I'm going to try to think if anyone I know might be interested.

*Regarding ebay taking a chunk from shipping, when they started doing this I just changed my own pricing philosophy to include shipping in the selling price and go with "free shipping" on all my auctions. I think it's a nice selling point and since they are taking their percentage anyway, it all works out the same. I have to say that although they take their chunk and paypal (which is also owned by ebay) takes their chunk, I still manage to make a reasonable amount on what I sell.

The sewing machine repair lists have already gotten someone in the Houston area who wants the machine.  It's a nice change to have someone read an email and understand's a lovely little green sewing machine but my tendinitis does NOT support the amount of work my hands would have to do to get the needle bar unfrozen and the wooden cabinet stripped & refinished.

If I had another machine that would fit in it, I might be tempted to give away ONLY the machine. 

But "all's well that ends well" - I just need to bake cookies and arrange when the machine is getting picked up.  And get my knitting machine packed up & weighed for shipping costs......long story involving decluttering in general (which is part of why I got so flummoxed when I was given the machine - I am decluttering right now - the universe is not supposed to drop more stuff on me!).


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