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Neighbor Gave Me A Vintage Sewing Machine In Cabinet - Update #24

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You could say to the neighbor, "Wow, that was a lovely machine! Unfortunately as I was looking at it, it seems it needs some work that I can't do (because of money, bad wrists, whatever) and I don't know who I could ask to help with it.  I hate to see it sit unused, so would you mind if I ask some of my friends if they might want it? They might be able to fix it up like new, imagine that!"  I've used a variant of this on things like computer towers (I gutted the innards, rebuilt it, and sold it on)

VorFemme, my aunt gave away hers just recently because she didn't want to fix it.  I just about cried because I'd admired that thing for years and would never think of asking her for it.  She just up and gave it to her gardener who did  >:(.

I told her I would have displayed it whether or not it was functioning.  You can't get things like that anymore.  She just said "you don't need any of that old junk."

So, if you have the room, display it as a conversation piece until you can figure out how to restore it (or ship it to me!  >:D)

If you are in the NY-metro area I have a truck, I can leave now, and i have an excellent bakery around the corner and would happily trade scrumptious baked goods (or I can have my DH swing by Juniors n the way home for a cheesecake) for the cabinet and provide you with photos of it refinished in a few months.

But for reference, it cost me about $150 to get my 1964 Swinger cleaned-up, tuned up and have old cracked rubber bits replaced. She works like a charm. A very very heavy charm, but none the less.

Wats to thank him include..............
Edible fruit basket

As for being obligated to keep and use the sewing machine......
You're not obligated to keep it. It would just end up costing you money... Although it sounds like a really cool gift. Too bad it needs so much work. :-)


--- Quote from: snowdragon on March 01, 2013, 01:50:22 PM ---Cookies usually go overwell for thank yous.

You are not obligated to keep it. However, you might want to consider using it for something else - I have my great-grandmother's treadle machine as a night stand near my bed.  I would not sell it.

--- End quote ---

I also have my maternal great-grandmother's treadle sewing machine (1880s). It works fine, and even has some of the original spools of thread. I can't sew a stitch, but I love it!  :)


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