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I'm going to relate the story in a barebones, no details version because the full story is very long (I can post it later if anyone is interested.)

I had a gathering with various friends at my apartment which was very casual, bring things if you like, wear sweats, etc.  At one point we decided to go to the grocery store to pick some stuff up.  Problem is, one of the guests refused to leave my apartment.  She lay down on my couch, bundled herself up in a blanket, and whined about not wanting to go and we should just leave her here.  I flat out said, I'm not leaving you alone in my apartment.  This is not a close friend of mine anymore due to a past history of bad behavior, and has in particular done untrustworthy things when left alone in someone's apartment.  Saying that had no effect as she continued to insist on staying and acted offended that I wouldn't want her in my apartment unattended.  I finally gave up and left her there even though I was very uncomfortable because I was worried that forcing the issue was going to ruin everyone's fun and I knew I couldn't physically force her to leave. 

Other than staying home myself with her, what do you think I could have done to get a different outcome?

Outdoor Girl:
I would have stayed or I would have physically forced her to leave.  Either by myself, if possible, or with help from my other friends.  As a last resort, I'd call police.

She was counting on your feeling uncomfortable and not pushing the issue.  Did she do anything while you were gone?


She sounds like a nightmare. Could you either post or pm me the full story. And yes, I agree with the previous poster. I would probably have threatened her with the police.

If it were me I would have stuck to my guns and told her to leave - not just for the grocery store trip, but at that point just leave you aren't welcome anymore.  If she was there as a guest of a friend (you mention you aren't close to her) I'd have turned to that person and told them to get their guest to leave, now, and to not bother bringing her back. If she wasn't a guest of a friend and I wasn't ready to kick her out totally I would have turned to the group and said "sorry guys, I really want to go to the store but under no circumstances is [she] staying here alone, guess you either have to go without me or we can order in."  At that point I think at least a few of my close friends would pick up on my seriousness and start in on telling the girl to get up and out.

Erich L-ster:
I might have left a friend or two whom I did trust to stay with her.


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