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Something I've been noticing...there seem to be certain people in life that can suck the spines out of us.  Commonly family members (my mother has this effect on me), but not necessary.  How many of you have stories of people who do that to you?  How do some people just manage to have this effect?

My parents were spine suckers, till a friend helped me to acquire the gumption to stand up to them. :)

My father. He was pretty verbally abusive when I was a kid and for some reason I've hardly ever found the courage to stand up to him. That's gradually changed since I've been in law school. I mean, his yelling and blustering shouldn't scare me anymore (and even when I was a kid that's all he did, I was never hit or anything) but for some reason even to my senior year of college I couldn't really talk back to him. He had a habit of dangling the fact that I was a financial dependent over my head, but now I can always take out student loans and never see him again. When I go home I've been slowly taking away things, like my birth certificate and passport, so that if the time comes I could give my parents the cut direct.

I love my sister, but she is a force to be reckoned with and as much as I try my spine just disappears around her.

I wonder what the common characteristics of spine-suckers are?  I've noticed a common theme on the blog of people who  pull the idea that YOU are being rude if you stand up to them.  This is a common one from my mother - she absolutely despises either silence or bean dip, and will insist that the person employing them is being rude.


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