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--- Quote from: DottyG on March 05, 2013, 12:50:10 PM ---
--- Quote ---Sorry.  To be clear: If they asked me directly, I'd let them know, but unless they directly addressed me, I'd maintain the fiction that I didn't overhear them talking about something that I'd be embarassed to discuss in public.
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I'm saying that, even if they don't ask me directly, I'd still tell them.  Like I said, if I knew they were looking for it and I knew where it was, I'd feel weird watching them continue to search.

It's just Preparation H.  It's not that big of a deal.  At some point in their lives, a lot of people need it.  Not only that, but it's used for things other than the listed use. Heck, it's even used as makeup sometimes.  Doesn't matter to me.

I can't think of anything in a store that would be too embarrassing to ask about.  It's all out there in the open anyway.
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Me either, but then it's hard for me to get embarrassed about what I'm buying at the store.

I was shopping in Sam's Club with my baby in the cart.  I was think that my next item was Worcestershire sauce.  Then a near by woman said "Worcestershire sauce is the next isle over."  Was she a mind reader?  I then replied "did I say that outloud?"  I appreciated the help.  I think you were OK.

I think in this type of situation it's okay, especially as you were standing right in front of the product they were discussing.

If the product was several aisles away--like, "I wonder where the dairy section is?"--I personally would only answer if they were giving off "does anyone around here know?" vibes. Like, they were turning around in the aisle looking at other people as they spoke, rather than having a conversation they were trying to keep private. I don't think it's rude in the latter situation, it's just beyond my comfort zone.

Sometimes in the latter situation I've been embarrassed when someone responded to me, because I thought it meant I was being too loud in my conversation--I really just meant to ask my friend, and then this stranger several feet away answers, so maybe I ought to be speaking more quietly.

I don't think a conversation about sour kraut could be considered personal or private.

Now if someone is trying to be discrete and tells their shopping buddy they can't find the edible panties...that one I would side step.

I have had random strangers ask me if they could help me find something when I was staring deer in the headlights at a shelf in the grocery store.  It was much appreciated.  And the nice tall man who offered to get the glass jar of pickle relish off the top shelf where they were stacked two high.  We both knew that it would end badly if I tried to get one.  :)  Visiting family out of state at Thanksgiving, the local grocery is a zoo, I have asked where things are to random shoppers and I have had others ask me, sometimes I even knew where to find things.


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