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California Honeymoon - March 2014

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Awestruck Shmuck:
Evening all! :)

My fiance & I are currently in the early stages of wedding planning and one of our top priorities this weekend has been brainstorming honeymoon ideas.

We've decided the beachside/resort holiday isn't what we want (we live in Sydney Australia, and spend a lot of our weekends at the beach, and want to DO things and see sights).

So far, we have a rough plan of:

- 5 days in LA (too many?)
- 5 days in San Fransisco (Alcatraz and Union Square definitely)
- x days at Disneyland (2-3 maybe?)
- 5 days or so in Napa Valley or in/near a national park

Not sure about the order of which areas to visit first, but do any locals have suggestions of where to go/what to see for the above?

We're keen to see museums, galleries, historical sites - and a basketball game (or 10 if DF plans the itinerary lol). He's mad keen on ice hockey too, thats played in March...in California, right? I'd love to surprise him with tickets.

Thanks in advance,

A.S. :)

I don't know about hockey at all, or basketball either, frankly. No clue. But the rest...

I would combine LA and DisneyLand for a total of 6 days.  DisneyLand/California Adventure deserves two days all by itself.  There is a ton to see in LA, but it's not a big city geographically. I'd include Hollywood and the beaches.

San Francisco can be seen in 3 days unless you want to spend a lot of time just soaking up the city.

Napa Valley is one of those places that can be great for just relaxing, but even so, I wouldn't spend more than 3 days there. After a while all the wineries start to seem the same.

That would leave you time to head up to the North Coast or out to Tahoe, both of which should be seen.

But that's me.

I respectfully submit San Diego, which is a great city, and people never seem to think of it. I live in the Midwest but have traveled to San Diego about ten times for work conferences. There's the beach, there's historic stuff like the battleship museum and the Old Town district, there's the world-famous zoo, Coronado Island, Balboa Park with lots of museums, etc.. It's only a couple hours' drive from LA.

My California itiniary woudl go something like this. Start in San Diego. Visit the zoo get timezone adjusted.  I'd then rent a car and drive up to Mission San Juan Capistrano for a little of the Mexican/California history before heading to Laguna Beach to spend the night and wander around the cool area.  The next morning drive to Annaheim for a day at Disneyland before heading into Los Angeles.  (Traffic is always terrible in LA but I've found late night the best) 

Spend a few days in LA to do the basketball games, visit the Hollywood sites if it interests you, take a day at Universal Studios theme park, have lunch in Malibu, wander around Rodeo drive.  Maybe 4 days total

From LA, I'd head further north to Santa Barbara (maybe take a side trip to the Ronald Regean presidential library... very engaging museum with a ton of US and World History).

From Santa Barbara, I'd head north again for a visit to Hearst Castle and then head up to Monterrey for over night again. 

San Francisco is a quick drive and I'd plan 2 to 3 days.

Then your off to the wine country for 2 to 3 days before driving to Sacramento to fly home.

I think this would be around a 14 to 15 day trip.

If you want to break it up, I'd do it this way:

- 2-3 days in LA (There is not that much to do and it's hard to get around)
- 5 days in San Fransisco (Alcatraz and Union Square definitely) It's a great town and there's lots to do and see.  If you don't mind the hills, it's a great walking town. Catch a show at a Theatre, Go to museums, have afternoon tea at the Palace.
- 2 days at Disneyland (Maybe 3) One day for each park (used to live 2 miles away)  The the Anaheim Ducks (Go Ducks!) play very nearby, and it's easy to get to.  It's also usually easier to get tickets than for the LA Kings
- 3 days  in Napa Valley (just spent 2 days there - the Napa Wine train was awesome)
- 3 in/near a Yosemite national park (I've never met anyone who was sorry they went there-I lived there for 8 years)


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