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Your most embarrassing moment

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--- Quote from: Debbie506 on March 07, 2013, 05:51:08 PM ---That is the first and last time I will ever arrive late and interupt a funeral.
--- End quote ---

Oh boy...that brought up a long-forgotten memory. I was also late to a funeral. It was for my friend's father and I got quite lost on the way to the church then when I finally found my way, was held up by a traffic accident. It was kind of a comedy of errors only it wasn't very funny. I walked into the church just before the procession up the aisle started (it was a Catholic funeral - not sure if they're all like that) and was the recipient of quite the dirty look from the giant, scary Irish priest.  :-[

Oh dear, all these 'late to funerals' tales have had me searching Youtube for the Dave Allen sketch where the corpse was late to his own funeral...

half an hour later, I'm still sitting here watching old Dave Allen sketches and laughing like a loon.

Sigh...  haven't found the one I was looking for though!

I like to watch the program Pawn Stars.  My son likes flea markets and the like. 
One evening my husband and I went to a pizza place.  While we were there my son and his family, including his out of town FIL, whom we have met only two or three times and the FIL's wife, whom we had never met, came in.  They all sat at a table across from us and we were all chatting.  I asked my son if he watches Pawn Stars, but it came out "Porn Stars".  I didn't realize my  mistake until the snickers started and my son feigned being horrified and indignant.  Boy, did I feel stupid.  I guess it's one thing to ask a friend if they watch porn stars but quite another to ask your own son such an indelicate question.  :-[

I'm pretty immune to embarrassment now, I need to be.  I'm klutzy.

In recent memory, I think my most embarrassing moment was deciding that the sliding glass door, on a house my parents were being shown by realtors, was open/didn't exist and walked right into it!  A huge thunk later and a chorus of everyone asking if I was alright, and I proved to be fine.

Or, the time I was in an improv troop and misspoke.  The skit we were practicing, so not infront of an audience, was the newscaster one, like you see on Whose Line, where you have an anchorman, the host and the weatherman.  I was once the weatherman, and misspoke.  I intended, "Bugs Bunny was beat up by Elmer Fudd last weekend," and ended up saying, "Bugs BUnny was knocked up by Elmer Fudd last weekend..." :-[

I also once waltzed around Death Valley in a pair of sandals.  I thought it was a good idea; no one told me we were also going to climb the Trona Pinnacles and hike through Darwin Falls, where I promptly slipped in the river and got smattered in mud.  At least its my family, who know I'm a walking disaster...

In January, I went out to lunch with a colleague. Walking back to our car, I stepped on something. My left foot pivoted to the left, but my shoe didn't. Which caused me to pitch forward. I grabbed my colleague's arm as if I planned to hurl her to the ground so I'd have a safe place to land. Fortunately, she was wearing a down coat, so even though I grabbed her hard enough to sprain my own thumb, I didn't do her any injury, and she was able to stay on her feet.  It was bad enough that it happened in front of people, but it would have been even more embarrassing if I'd dragged both of us down.


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