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Your most embarrassing moment

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Just after college, I was visiting a large theme park with a friend, and we were being hosted by a friend of hers, who was an employee and gave us special access, tours, discounts, etc.  He and I had been flirting for several days of our visit.  Nice guy. (NG)

Toward the end of our visit, I stopped by the restroom and was surprised to discover that I needed to spend a quarter in one of the machines for emergency supplies (IYKWIM).  Unfortunately, the more "secure" option was sold out, and the more bulky option was the only thing available.  Even more unfortunately, I had not planned for this eventuality when dressing that morning, and my foundation garments were on the flimsy side.

Shortly thereafter, we were all browsing in the gift shop.  NG walks around the corner aisle to speak to me, and I turn to smile at him...when my Emergency Supply falls right out the leg of my shorts onto the floor.

NG was a perfect gentleman - he kept right on walking.  But we couldn't look each other in the eye the rest of the trip.

Not long after DH & I married, I started working as a reporter.  One day my editor assigned me to cover an important school board meeting that evening.

My husband got home from work earlier than usual.  After an early dinner, we started feeling romantic and took advantage of the extra time to spend quality time together.  I dozed off then suddenly awoke, realizing I was going to be late to the meeting if I didn't get myself together quickly and head out.  So I did, getting there with just a few moments to spare.

At which point, a (nice!) middle-aged woman pulled me aside and quietly said, "Honey, your pants are on inside out."

I don't think my face has ever turned so red.  The incident taught me to leave myself enough time to check myself before I head out the door.

I've had a lot, but here's one I remember:

At a banquet I was assigned to sit on the podium (to be introduced, thanked, say a few words, etc.) with about 6-8 others.  Before taking our seats we got food from the buffet.  I had on heels, and Id had a drink earlier.  As I approached the podium, I tripped, fell flat on my chest,  :-[ and the tray and food flew everywhere.  Ugh.  Several people helped, but it really bothered me the rest of the night.

I am clumsy to the core and, like Sio, have stopped feeling embarrassed at my clumsiness out of self-preservation. I have the ability to trip over absolutely nothing, fall going up the stairs, get thrown off balance for no reason, and accidentally drop things.

I have social anxiety, so situations that would, to a normal person, barely register, feel more like 'strong embarrassment' to me, but again, I've come to live with that.

I think I have posted my most embarrassing story on here before, but it bears repeating.

I had just been given a former coworker's work cell phone, that very day. This was back in the "dumb phone" days and it was a basic flip phone. I had checked the ringtone and put the phone on silent, and left it inside my purse.

So it was late evening, and we were seated in the quiet church with our pastor for pre-marriage counseling. It is a very conservative church and a very conservative minister, and the place is very very quiet.

Suddenly, from the depths of my bag, there comes a loud blast of "Hey! You're a crazy b**** but you f*** so good..."

Mortified, I fished out the phone to discover that an alarm had been set, with that song as the alarm tone. Hands down, I have never felt more humiliated.

I stopped once for gas after work, so I was still in business casual with heels.  After placing the pump into my tank and starting to refuel I decided the best option for me at the time was to step over the hose to put my card back in my purse (which was in the car still).  Suffice to say I didn't clear the gas hose.  My right heel caught the hose and I did a full side plant.  I think I turned six shades of read and really wished the ground would swallow me up, since I was not the only at the station at the time.


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