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DH and I have been a little distant with MIL since her last round of misbehavior (last October), and she pulled some weird stunts at Thanksgiving too.  DH will drive up to see her sometimes and the three of us have had lunch a handful of times.  MIL got a dog, which I think is a great idea because she is VERY good and loving to her pets.  Being avid pet-lovers is one thing we have in common!

DH and I have a new puppy who is just wonderful.  We have another dog, and three cats (did I say we love our pets?  yes, we do!) and a bearded dragon that spends most of his time in my classroom.  MIL has never been "odd" about our pets before Puppy joined the family, now she is just being strange.

For example, she will call DH and say, "Put my Grand Puppy on the phone!" and proceed to coo at her over the phone.  Or she will say, "I would really like to swing by this weekend and see Grand Puppy!  She misses her Grandma!"  She will cuddle Puppy and say, "Grandma loves you, oh yes!  I will spoil you!"  It's just weird.  I mean, I don't refer to MIL's dog as my SIL. 

Now, Puppy is all kinds of adorable and everyone loves her, but MIL has never referred to any of our other pets as her "grandkids" or any mutation of such before this.  Is there a polite way DH can tell her (because I'm not touching this one) to stop?  The only suggestion I have so far is that he beandip when she asks to talk "with" Puppy on the phone.

It might be worth mentioning that it's pretty clear to others at this point that DH and I are not having kids.  We've been married almost ten years and never considered it seriously, and while I still have time left in which I could safely procreate, neither of us cares to and we've been pretty open with our families about that stance.

I've truly got nothing. That's really strange behavior to me.  :o


--- Quote ---I mean, I don't refer to MIL's dog as my SIL.

--- End quote ---

I'd be tempted to , at this point :D ;D

Why tell her to stop? What harm does it do?

I vote for just ignoring it and being happy that she's so nice to your fur family. If you want to say something, you could joke that MIL needs to be careful "or Fifi will be jealous/you'll hurt Tibbles' feelings." I'd just see this as a sign that your new puppy is irresistibly cute.

It seems harmless, so unless she's actually hearing the dog talk back or conversing with inanimate objects (or losing things), I wouldn't bother to address it.


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