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Is it ever okay for toddlers to run around a dog park? Yay or nay?

I'm seeing a trend of parents letting their young children run around dog parks. Occasionally, a kid will get knocked down by an overly excited and curious dog. Parents feel dog owners should keep their dogs restrained within the dog park. Owners feel dogs should have a place to run and play without worrying about being stressed by kids.

It's a dog park.  It's specific purpose is to provide a safe environment for the dog to run around off-leash.

Parents who want the dogs restrained so their kids can run around are being extremely special snowflakes.  Not to mention ridiculous! 

If the parents want a place for their kids to run and the dogs to be restrained, a regular park will much better suit their needs.

Auntie Mame:
Seriously,  Seriously?  Parents are going to Dog Parks and whining about all the dogs there? SERIOUSLY???!!!

I am going to have a glass of wine and look at pictures of kittens until I calm down.

I would feel it's really irresponsible to bring a toddler into a dog park. Not only is it unfair to the dogs, who are there specifically to play or interact with other dogs in an off-leash environment, but as a pet owner I'd be pretty peeved at having to worry about whether or not my enthusiastic dog is going to "play" with the kid and maybe knock them down.

I mean, they already have parks for children. They're called "parks" and "playgrounds".

Nope.  Dog parks are DOG parks, not CHILD parks.  I would not allow my dog to run free in a regular park, so please extend those of us in the dog park the same courtesy.


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