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The short answer: No.

The longer answer: It's a dog park, which means it's primarily for use for people with dogs. If it's an off-leash dog park, it's intended for dogs to be able to run and play, and a running child could easily be knocked down, possibly injured.

In this case, the parents are being very entitled and special snowflake...surely there are playgrounds or areas where dogs aren't allowed that could be used by the children instead? Besides, why would anyone let a toddler, who is as likely as not to put dirt or anything else in his/her mouth, run around in an area dogs have been using as a toilet? In an area where dogs have been doing their business, it's quite possible the kid could pick up a parasite or something. Seriously, what are these people thinking?

I have kids and dogs, and if I had access to a DOG park I would expect it to be full of excited dogs. Some dogs and kids aren't safe around each other.

Our local dog park does not allow children under the age of 8 in the park and anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The dog park is for the dogs to run freely. There are plenty of kid parks for them to run freely.


--- Quote from: Auntie Mame on March 04, 2013, 12:38:46 PM ---Seriously,  Seriously?  Parents are going to Dog Parks and whining about all the dogs there? SERIOUSLY???!!!

I am going to have a glass of wine and look at pictures of kittens until I calm down.

--- End quote ---

My thoughts exactly.  D O G park.  Woof.  The whole POINT of the dog park is that the dogs are unleashed.

I'm with everyone else.

Toddlers should not be allowed to run free in dog parks.

Dogs should not be allowed to run free in toddler parks.

They just don't mesh well when behaving in perfectly appropriate Toddler-like or Doggy-like ways.

 (I have a long post about a dog and a muffin and my kid where I was NOT pleased with the dog or the owner's initial behaviour.  If the exact same situation had happened at a dog park versus a kid park, I would have held myself entirely responsible)


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