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--- Quote from: Hillia on March 04, 2013, 02:25:46 PM --- It does not have to be a huge production unless you want it to be.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the explanations, everyone.  For a second I thought, "well, maybe she does have to show that much flesh and just thought it was too much effort to get off the couch and go somewhere private" but knowing that even had she stayed right where she was she definitely could have done the whole thing WAY more discretely brings me the conclusion that she wanted attention on herself. 

I agree, this was rude. My aunt's ex husband is an insulin dependent diabetic. If he was a guest somewhere he would usually use the bathroom, or ask if it was OK for him to go into a different room. In his own home, when only family were present, he would usually use the downstairs WC but might not always bother to shut/lock the door (it was a *very* small room, so this was practical, not exhibitionist)

There are obviously situations where it might be necessary to inject in public, but it's polite to be as discreet about it as you can.

TBH it sounds like in this case the issue was not insulin at all, but the GMTB's need for attention for whatever reason.

Generally speaking, though, I don't see anything wrong with injecting insulin at the table/in someone else's home.

I think she wanted everyone to see what she was doing and feel sorry for her/give her attention.
I'm not on insulin any more but I used to be, and there is absolutely no reason that you need to expose more than an inch or two of flesh to give yourself an injection. Actually, I've injected through my clothes before, so you really don't need to expose anything.

While a guest, ask to be excused and shown the bathroom, if it's occupied and it's urgent, ask the host if there's a place you could use or go to the kitchen/hallway where there's no one. If you can't, try to be discreet, no need to go on at lenghth about what you are doing but a few words could be good if someone around doesn't know you have to or what you are doing.

If you are the host, same thing. Although it's your home a good host wouldn't want to shock her guest..


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