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I've never encountered this feature before, but a relative of mine has gotten married within the past week, and this has appeared beside her last "added a life event" post.  Basically, it's a link or something that has a tiny cartoon picture of a present beside the words "Give a Gift", and it links to a feature where you can purchase a gift online and have it delivered to the couple.

I literally did a "confused puppy" head tilt, because I've never seen this before, and I don't know what to make of it.  They already had a wedding shower, and lots of gifts were given there.  I gave a gift at the shower, and I'm flat broke anyway, so I couldn't respond to this FB thing either way.  Is this a new thing that people are doing these days?  Just for the record, my relative isn't the type of person to be like "gimme!", and neither is her new husband.  They're very gracious, so I don't think there's rudeness here.  But has anyone else encountered this on FB, and is it anything like a bridal or baby registry?

They aren't asking for anything, that's all facebook marketing. Don't worry about it. :)

FTR, it *really* bothers me that facebook begs for gifts for without permission!

ETA: here's a little more info about the gifts thing:

Whew!  That's sort of a relief.  ;D

Also, now I'm kind of indignant.  I didn't know Facebook could do that.  >:(

Yeah, I've seen these pop up when I've been reminded by FB about someone's birthday, and written "happy birthday" on their wall. I'm fairly certain it just happens automatically and the person doesn't specifically request it. If anyone knows if you can turn it off on your own stuff, let me know!

Yup. Ignore. This is just FB's new type of advertising.


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