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I didn't see this thread before I posted mine on the very same topic. I will ask the mods to close it - it was disturbing to me to find that whole happy birthday thing, give a gift because Becky likes Jimmy Buffet so I should buy her a CD.

It's not like Becky is asking for the CD, it's just facebook trying to monetize. Honestly, I can't see this feature lasting all that long because I can't imagine that it would be profitable.

I actually like the Give A Gift feature.  I used it just this past week to give my niece a $25 gift card to Starbucks for her birthday.  It is very convenient, and doesn't require the gift giver to do anything but click on a few buttons.  And she LOVED it!  She said it was so fun to log into her FB account and find a present waiting for her there.  And I got a notification as soon as she "opened" it, letting me know it had been received. 

MamaMootz, I answered your thread because of the issue you presented in it.  I think it's a legitimate question.

That can be very nice, but if it's someone I'm likely to buy a gift for, I probably have the gift before I'm wishing them a happy birthday.

Which reminds me I need to hit a bookstore to look for something for Dad... and if that doesn't work, he's getting good scotch! :-)


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