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Cleaning up after your dog: neighbor's bin?

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This is a debate that my husband and I have had for years, and I'd love some outside input here.

Picture this scenario: It's trash day, and everyone in the neighborhood has their cans out for collection. You're walking your dog before you go to work in the morning. She does her business, you clean up after her, and you see a garbage truck coming your way--from the direction of your house. Your trash has just been picked up.

Is it okay to put the dog bag in your neighbor's garbage can, if it's going to get picked up in a few minutes?

Is it okay if it's not trash day, but your neighbor's can is on the curb?

I'm on the fence about the "trash day" scenario. With the non-"trash day" scenario, though, I'll always wait until I get home to dump the doggie bag. My husband, on the other hand, believes that a trash can on the curb is a trash can. I personally think it's really rude to leave our dogs' waste in someone else's garbage, even if they'll never see or touch it.

What says the consensus?

Personally, I'd put it in my own trash can.  Some people are a little territorial about that kind of thing, and you never know when you might be spotted.

This is something that I wouldn't do myself, but on the other hand wouldn't mind if other people did to me. Assuming - of course - that the bag is properly tied up so there's no risk of 'residue' on the can.

Need to Change:
I don't use neighbors' cans at all, even for stray trash I pick up off the street (unless it's clearly their trash to begin with).  Most folks probably wouldn't mind, and frankly I don't even know or care whether anyone uses ours -- but the folks who do mind, wow, they REALLY mind.

Anyway, I suspect dog poop can leave an odor even if there's no residue.

Like Need to Change, I'd be concerned about the odour that may linger even if the poop bag is tightly tied and the trash is picked up quickly.  Non-pet owners will find this offensive.

Our local garbage collection is so early that everyone on our street puts their bins out the night before.  One night someone visiting our neighbour across the way found a dead possum in the gutter, and dropped it in our bin without wrapping it in anything.  When we collected our empty bin the next morning the stench was awful, even after several hosings and wipe-downs with ammonia and disinfectant.  (Our neighbour did apologise for this, but we can't be very popular with the council rubbish collectors, I imagine.)

Your husband needs to be told by someone other than yourself that it's not really kosher to use neighbours' garbage bins like they're public receptacles.  I wouldn't mind personally if it was just a tied-up bag of poo, but some people might find this annoying and tell him so in a not-quite-courteous way.


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