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About 2 weeks ago the door bell rings and DH answers it. It turns out there are two guys at the door saying they are roofers and would like to assess our roof.

 As a slight background DH has a VERY hard time not listening to solicitors at the door, he hates to tell people no. About a month ago we had the garage door open and he was downstairs working on something. I saw someone walk to the garage and hear talking. I go downstairs to say hi (not sure who it was) and DH looks sheepish saying this guy is selling something ( I forget what it was now). He says he has to make a call and lets me handle it (which is pretty much our code for me to get rid of the person because he can't ). So I listen to the guy for a few minutes and realize this is nothing I am interested in and politely tell him no thanks. He persists, I say no thanks. He says your husband seemed interested , should I wait for him? I say again , no thank you, we wont be needing X.. he finally leaves..

So this brings me to the door to door roofers we had come by a few weeks ago. DH listens to whatever they had to say for about 5 minutes then he comes in and says that they are going to take pictures of our roof and they can get our insurance to pay for any damage!I knew that was a possible/probable scam since why would an insurance company just agree to pay for a new roof on a 16 year old home especially when there was no tornado or any type of 'act of god' situation that just occurred. DH said that the roofers told him that they have someone that works for them that calls the insurance company for us and 'knows the correct lingo' to get the new roof paid for. We went round and round with me telling him that I will not commit insurance fraud. DH genuinely didn't think it was fraud. So he goes back outside tells the roofers he will think about it and will call them if we are interested. Since then these roofers have rang our bell THREE separate times since then and we haven't answered either time. DH is too embarrassed to say no and I have been on the phone or working in the office .

I have decided when and if they ring again I will definitely be answering the door to tell them we are not interested. Is there any polite way to tell them I think they are pushy and I don't appreciate them coming by so often ? What can I say when they ask why we decided not to get our roof done? I want to tell them that I believe they are frauds , but I am pretty sure that would be rude..

I'd tell them to get of my property, and that I'd call the police if they showed up again.

"We don't want your business. Please do not come to our house again." It may not be "nice," but it gets the point across.

ETA POD to LeveeWoman

Of course these guys are scammers.  No legitimate company works this way.

All that you need to say is that you are not interested in a new roof, and that you will call the police if they come back.  Then say good day, and close the door. 

Don't engage at all with scammers, they are experienced liars.

^What doodlemor said.

You don't owe them an explanation.


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