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Redneck Gravy:

--- Quote from: Twik on March 11, 2013, 11:29:06 AM ---I wonder if Dad stopped to think, "this is a rock band where two founding members died of overdoses, and one came extremely close. They were known in their heyday for smashing everything within reach (including once attacking a policeman who came on stage to warn that the theatre was on fire). Perhaps "child friendly" does not best describe them."

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Children at concerts are increasingly common - many parents are great about, others not so much. Most of the concerts I have been to are in bars, lots of alcohol, sometimes drugs. The first group of parents realize this and make sure their kids are prepared, know to stay out of the dancing ( or moshing area) and don't use their kids to get special privileges. The second group uses their kid to push up front, declare that there.shall be.NO.drinking.of.any.kind. and and gets upset when the band speaks like they do on their records. This father seems to be the second group.
  Here's why I think so: He was told not to bring the kid up front, did so anyhow. Second he put her on his shoulders, blocking anyone behind him for several rows from seeing the show they paid to see. Then gave her a sign to wave, making sure may more people could not see the show they paid to see ( so his kid and the sign have more of a right to see the show than hundreds of others), then gets pissed at typical behavior for the band in question. 
  This is the type of parent that makes folks call for adult only venues - and if  were a parent I would resent them more than those with out kids do.
  Townshend should not have apologized...that is only going to make people like this more entitled.  And frankly. I think the father and child should have been kicked out for interfering with so many other people's enjoyment of the show.


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I'm of mixed emotions on this.

First of all, I think he did handle it very badly.

Second though, I think this is a major reason why parents receive the stink-eye from the general public so much.  It's a rock concert--not Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, but the Who.  Why in the world would you bring a 7 year old to that?  I get the impression Dad used his kid as an attention getter from a rocker he likes, then didn't like the outcome.  Also, if his DD just LOVED Pete Townshend, why didn't the sign say that instead of "smash your guitar"?

So basically, you encourage your child to encourage another to do an immature act and then get annoyed when it wasn't the act you desired?

Our DD (6) loves Billy Idol.  However, I don't think we'll be taking her to any of his concerts.

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The sign was in reference to Pete Townshend being a guitar smasher back in his younger partying days when The Who was at their peak. He used to love smashing guitars on stage just like lots of rock gods used to enjoy doing. However he's older now and has his younger days all behind him and has often said how embarrassed and sheepish he now is about the silly things he used to do in his prime like smashing guitars and trashing rooms and equipment. Him, the rest of the band and a generation of our parents who were Who fans and made up the crowd are all older and mature now. Added to that that a Who Concert these days would be more sedate and sensible than back in the day due to the average age of the crowd, the genre and changing times, the sign probably set him off. Not cool to swear but really REALLY not a good idea to bring your kid to any rock concert. A child at something like a Who or Fleetwood Mac or Phil Collins concert is one (stupid) thing but you'd have to have completely lost the plot to bring your child to watch a band like Iron Maiden or Motorhead or Metallica for example.

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Why is it stupid?

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Because it's an adult rock concert. Even though The Who is probably on the calmer end of rock concerts, most of them are filled with adult lyrics and themes, crowd surfers, swearing, drugs, drink, swearing, mosh pits, barging etc.. etc.. which is great and fun for me as an adult and the reason I love going to them but really really not a wise place to bring a 7-year old child. Reading the comments in the online newspapers about this, the overwhelming majority seem to be criticising the parents decision for taking the child to the concert rather than the actual swearing by Townshend. It's not a teenage child, she's 7. Rock concerts are great but parents really need to exercise thought on where to take children. 7 is far too young. I don't think I've ever seen a small child at a rock or metal concert before (except for families open air festivals). Young teenagers yes, but never 7 year olds.

*edited to add my 'stupid' comment was directed at the age of the child taken, not that anyone would be 'stupid' for seeing those bands. Quite the opposite.

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I've seen The Who three times, including this past tour.  No one would ever describe a Who concert as "calm", though you're not likely to see mosh pits or crowd surfers.  They are however the loudest band I've ever seen, and while they don't stand on stage spewing strings of swear words, they're not exactly concerned with being PG.  There were a few young kids at the show I was recently at (with better seats than me, bah!) and I thought it probably wasn't a great choice.  I did notice that the dad had earplugs for the kids, and the kids were well behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves. 

The dad in this story was using his kid to get attention, and I really wish Pete hadn't apologized.

Redneck Gravy:

--- Quote from: lowspark on March 05, 2013, 02:30:28 PM ---This is the second thread in as many days regarding taking young children to places they don't belong. This behavior is getting to be an epidemic. What happened to the days when kids stayed at home with a babysitter when Mom & Dad went out? When my kids were little, if I couldn't get a babysitter I stayed home. The norm seems to be trending toward taking any kid of any age everywhere, appropriate or not, and I find that disturbing.

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Sorry, I am just getting back to this thread.  I agree with the recent increase in kids turning up at places they were not invited and probably just shouldn't be but I am not so sure it is just recently.  I think it's more about entitlement for the parents.   

I worked at a movie theatre in the late 70's and we showed X Rated movies (18 and older only) about once a month at midnight on Saturday.  Besides having to id all the teens pouring into the place we would have parents trying to drag their toddlers in also   :o   

No, I am not kidding and I am not talking about in the arms infants, I am talking about 2-4 year old children!  (because that is where you want your children learning their early scrabble education - on the big screen)



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