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Facecloths in hotels, etc.

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I posted some travel tips on Take a Coffee Break- DD Trip to France.  One of the tips was that many European hotels consider facecloths "personal items" and don't provide them- you are expected to bring your own.  (This is changing quite rapidly, I think, especially if you are a higher-end traveller likely to be visiting from North America, but is certainly still the case for many budget places, where I tend to end up.)

I recently returned from Peru and Bolivia, and I can attest that nary a facecloth was seen (which I hadn't anticipated, sigh).

Facecloths in hotels, B & Bs, etc. in Canada and the USA are standard/expected.  Is this really so unusual?  What's the expectation in other places around the world?  BYO or supplied as a matter of course?

(PS- my tip for Europe - and now I guess Peru & Bolivia  - was to bring a couple of dollar store facecloths and some zip-lock bags to keep the damp ones in, and just discard them after a couple of days.)

Awestruck Shmuck:
Here in Australia, I've seen them in every hotel/motel/guest house and b & b I've ever stayed in.

We have stayed at hotels in England, Scotland, Italy and Spain the only place where face cloths  (flannels) were not provided was the Novotel in Southampton.  Thank the deity there was a nice, big Boots just across the road.   


--- Quote from: Awestruck Shmuck on March 05, 2013, 06:05:57 PM ---Here in Australia, I've seen them in every hotel/motel/guest house and b & b I've ever stayed in.

--- End quote ---

Yup, I agree with that.

I recall finding them in places I've stayed in the UK as well. Same with South East Asia and the pacific.

If you go to the large American chain hotels, you may find a face cloth. Otherwise, don't count on it as we just don't use them.


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