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Fitness inspiration needed

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What kind of fitness activities do you enjoy, OP?


--- Quote from: ilrag on March 06, 2013, 11:24:25 AM ---What kind of fitness activities do you enjoy, OP?

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That is the perfect question... Mud runs are awesome, but they aren't for everyone. zumba/dance classes can be a lot of fun, and there are really great instructors out there. Our local ones do a lot of community events to fundraise for charities, and it is cool to go shake some tail for a good cause. Pick a goal, but make sure it is something you'll enjoy ;D

But I seriously recommend Tough Mudder. That was stupid fun! Warrior Dash ended with less bruising though  ;D


--- Quote from: ilrag on March 06, 2013, 11:24:25 AM ---What kind of fitness activities do you enjoy, OP?

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I personally like BoxFit, escrima (a martial art with sticks), tai chi, the rowing machine, weight lifting, tennis, shooting, golf, netball, swimming, aquarobics. I'm not hard to please for 45 minutes, but the couch to 5k is something I am trying to get out of my comfort zone, not because I enjoy running or walking. I hate Zumba though. The same routines, week in, week out. Yawn! I can't spend as much time in the pool as I used to because it has a very bad effect on my skin (seconday Sjorgen's syndrome). I'm having to get weights to try to make aquarobics effective. I had a heart rate of 120 throughout the last session, I want to be 130-150 for effective exercise.

I really do want to hear what has worked for other people. The point of being inspired is not that someone comes up with the perfect things for me, but that I get to hear other people talking about how great it felt to achieve something.

Changing things up really helps me. I started running for that reason, and so I'd have something I could do wherever I went (my "thing" is swimming--hard to do without a pool). Hated it at first, but I've started to love it. I run every other day, swim every other day, and sometimes if I don't feel like doing either, I'll get on the bike or arc trainer (those things are awesome for working muscles you don't get to).

Getting together with friends really helps, too. I go over to a friend's house once a week, and we do a video together. I go to water aerobics with another friend once a week.

I like long term goals with short term challenges, if that makes sense. I've always done the squadron 5ks, so I decided to do a 10k. Then they had a "lazy man" triathalon competition that I entered, and that was cool. After a while I was getting bored with run times, so I did more hiking and hashing in Korea than I did running. Hashing led to mud runs, and now I'd like to do a couple more Tough Mudder/Spartna type events to see if I can get my time down. They also opened up a Krav Maga studio, so I'd like to give that a whirl as well.

To be honest, I don't do Zumba classes, so everything is always new to me... I just like the large events  ::)


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