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"Borrowing" supplies at work. Small update #26

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--- Quote from: Nikko-chan on March 06, 2013, 08:12:16 PM ---I think (correct me if i am wrong, OP) that they offer either bandanas or bows with the company logo on it. Manufacturer gives Salon ribbon to make the bows with, but the workers actually have to make the bows. I believe OP makes her own fancier bows using her own ribbon without Company Logo on it.

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You are right, Nikko-Chan.

I buy all of my own ribbon, tulle, bands, gems, etc... I also make my bows at home and not at work.

I'd bring in only as many as I expected to use and say "Sorry, they're really time consuming to make so I only have enough to get me through the day." If someone complains "But you've always shared before!" say "Yes which meant I had to make a bunch extra and, as I said, I don't have enough time." or "When I have shared I have occasionally ran out before the end of the day which upsets my last clients."

If there's a time you'd be willing to teach a few coworkers how to make them, say on a break or if you wanted to go in early or stay late ONE time, you could offer that. I absolutely don't think you're obligated but if someone doesn't care to learn to make their bows they can't really blame you for not wanting to make them, either.  ;)

Edited to add - As far as coworkers asking you to make fancy bows with company ribbon I'd do it if I had time and, if not, be honest. "Sorry but I need to do X." Maybe you could work out a deal where someone will take care of a task you don't care for while you make them a pile of bows?

Erich L-ster:
I would tell them that you only brought enough for your own clients and if they ask you to make some right then and there I would find something to be busy with.

Only bring enough for yourself perday. If you are willing to sell in bulk but not 2 at a time, package any extras up in a sealed bag and say "sorry these are packaged you can buy the whole bag if you want, but I'm not selling individually anymore."

I'd simply tell the co-workers, in private, that I make bows with my own money and on my own time; they are simply not for sale. If you are willing to make bows for them, decide in advance what the minimum order from someone else would be and what you will charge. Be sure to add in a nice profit for yourself, and require payment in advance. If you prefer not to make them for anyone else just tell your co-workers that, using the first line above. No JADE-ing.


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