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Products that seem...inappropriate?

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In Wal-Mart yesterday, in the school supplies section, there was a big cartoonish kid-oriented display of Scented Glue Sticks. Several different scents (I was in a bit of a hurry so I don't have details.)

Because yeah, kids, sniffing glue is a good idea.

Seriously? Any other products out there that they should have put a little more thought into?

I'm pretty sure you can't get high on that type of glue--or is it just that it sounds funny?  ;D

It's pretty much the same as the scented pens we grew up with, I think. What kinds of scents?

No, I'm sure it won't get you high...it just seemed a little weird to me. As for the scents, I didn't get to read it to find out but they were brightly colored so I'm thinking fruity? Not sure. I'll have to look again when I go back.

Were they actually scented?  I've seen purple glue sticks that go on purple and dry clear.


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