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Author Topic: Both Me and My Dad Used It Today  (Read 6532 times)

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Both Me and My Dad Used It Today
« on: March 06, 2013, 10:14:40 PM »
Our landlord came out to fix a pipe that had split underground (water had started coming up from the ground) and we where standing near the pasture looking in the direction of my disabled neighbors house. Neighbor was in a wreck over 20 years ago that caused severe brain damage (he's lucky to be alive) and now the neighborhood teens are giving him illegal substances to smoke.  Neighbor walks around during the day and sometimes makes loud animal noises (growling, baaing, hooting) or yells profanity. The man is not a threat to anyone. Landlord, on the other hand, is the scum of the earth. He has been fined for illegally dumping trash, his last wife died under suspicious circumstances and his present one is divorcing him due to him sleeping with a female Animal Control officer, there are rumors that he has lost his realtor's license and numerous other shady dealings.

Landlord asks if "Neighbor the Freak" still lives behind us. >:( Neighbor lives on property that was owned by his parents. His dad passed away two years ago and I haven't' seen his mom in a couple of months. Since my dad is rarely home and doesn't know neighbor by name, I answer, "Yes, he still lives there". Landlord proceeds to tell me and my dad a story about what he and several of his friends did to Neighbor several years ago.

According to him, Neighbor would walk around the area and steal things from people's yard. Stuff like lawn ornaments, trash, branches, etc. So one day they play a "prank" on Neighbor. They put Illegal Substance in a mouse trap and Neighbor fell for it.  :o At this point both me and my dad are staring at him in shocked silence while he laughs his butt of. He got the message after awhile and got back to work.  ::)
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Re: Both Me and My Dad Used It Today
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2013, 06:31:28 PM »
My reply would have been the same as yours - no verbal reply, just silence. Well, after a few seconds of silence (and letting that feeling of being a total [bleep] sink into Landlord), I may have had some choice words, or just a deadpan expression with obvious sarcasm saying, "You all must have been so proud of yourselves." (But that's probably not Ehell-approved.  >:D)
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