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"Your ring tone is really annoying!"

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I've run in to this particular issue many times in many different forms.

"Your ring tone is so annoying! You need to change it!"

My phone used to whistle like an old man, which I thought was adorable, but people kept telling me to change it, so I eventually did. But is there really a case where it's rude to have an annoying ring tone? I know plenty of people with horrible ones- screaming, annoying songs, etc- but it seems way out of line to say "You're ring tone bugs me, change it/turn your phone off/put it on vibrate."

Honestly, I find everyone's ring tones annoying when I am out in public. My phone is always on vibrate. I think so many people have their phones on so loud, especially people like my mom who is slightly hard of hearing.

I would never say anything to anyone about their ring tone except my best friend. We were out last weekend and her phone started playing Jingle Bells. I may have made a mocking comment about it being March and being a little early for Christmas music.

Well, I have Fanfare for the Common Man as my ringtone, and sometimes I forget to turn my phone down to a decibel level intended for awake human beings (I have it on a super - loud setting to wake me up) and then I make myself jump because it really is that loud. If it was really annoying for the people I was around to keep hearing Fanfare for the Common Man, I'd probably change it to something less obtrusive. But, on the flip side, I know that it's my phone ringing, since no one else of my acquaintance has that ringtone.

I would tell my husband or child that their ringtone was too annoying, but I would not tell anyone else. I have sensitive hearing and some of my DH's ringtones have been beyond obnoxious.

My best friend has a text message alert that startles me every time, but I would never ask her to change it.

I would never tell a stranger/coworker to change their ringtone.  Many have commented on mine but more the lines of, "Wow that is so scary sounding".

It's the tripod sound from War of the World.


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