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"Your ring tone is really annoying!"

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I've had people kind of laugh at mine.  Around Halloween I was in a Joann fabrics when my bff texted me and with that phone I could set a different text alert for different people.  For her it was a witch cackle.  (She loves witches)

The cashier heard it and chuckled and said it was appropriate for the season!  Course it was that way year round, but yeah it was funny given the time of the year. :)   

With my new phone, my general ringtone is "seaside".  It was one of the phone's factory options and it does sound like you're at the beach with waves and gulls.  For bff it's the Wicked Witch of the West music. :)

Someone up here at work has a whistle of some sort (not clear if it's supposed to be human or bird). He gets calls a lot. It annoys the livin' shiz out of me. I should not be able to hear your ring tone outside your office.

Tilt Fairy:
Haha Everybody has an annoying ringtone! Everyone finds everyone else's ringtones irritating! Apart from a traditional, medium volume riiiing riiiing tone (like a conventional telephone), I think pretty much all ringtones are annoying. Especially anything involving crazy frog or an irritating cheesy pop song. But it's not a big deal. On the list of things to get irritated about, it's very very low priority.

* I do however think an above poster who set her ringtone to a witches cackle on Halloween is pretty cool. That would make me smile if I heard it.

I can't imagine telling anyone to change their ringtone, but for a friend or coworker I might ask them to turn the volume down or put it on vibrate if it keeps going and they aren't available/willing to answer it.

The best ringtone I heard was in a diner -- someone had the Old Spice whistle. Awesome.

The owner of the bakery I work for occasionally has the ringtone that yells "Hey Answer your phone!  Hello! Hello!  Answer your phone!" 

Nothing says professional cake shop like hearing that on blast when you're ordering a $$$$ wedding cake and desserts.


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