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Awkward moment at the retreat

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--- Quote from: Slartibartfast on March 10, 2013, 10:12:43 AM ---I wouldn't necessarily assume that kids chanting for you was a sign of them liking you better or anything like that; it's more a sign that a ringleader thought "Wouldn't it be funny if Citadelle was up there?" and started the chant and that other kids joined in for kicks.  I wouldn't feel the need to say anything about it.

(My personal list of "favorite teachers" and "teachers who are good sports about being embarrassed in front of students and who enjoy being funny" are overlapping but not congruent sets.)

--- End quote ---

Ha... good point!

Also, since there were more teachers there than just you and Sophie, it really wouldn't have been that awkward for Sophie. It's not like you and Sophie were the only choices available and the students called your name instead.

Yes, in the grand scheme this was really no big deal. I haven't said anything about it to Sophie or anyone else, and all is well. Thanks for your input.

I think it was just an awkward situation, and you did your best on the spot. However, I think it's very strange that Sophie didn't step forward, as she knew that was the plan. In your description it sounds like she never did anything to indicate she was willing to follow through on the agreement she'd made to be the volunteer. When the students started chanting your name, you could have smiled, staying leaning back on the wall/in your seat (obviously not going anywhere), and shook your head. Then Sophie could have stepped forward, per the plan. You could even have gestured to her, like you were passing the "honor" on to her.

I grant you, there was a lot of awkward in this situation--the announcer's misstep, the kids unexpectedly chanting your name. But it seems to me that Sophie contributed a lot to that, when she knew what the plan was. The vibe I get is that she didn't really want to be the volunteer, even though she had agreed, and was happy to cede that spot to you when the crowd insisted. In which case, there's no need for you to feel like you did anything wrong by her.


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