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Thank You for a Thank You gift?


I'm sure this has been asked before, but I don't recall the general consensus on this topic, so please forgive the repeat.

I work with kids on a sports team.  The season is coming to a close and I received a thank you gift from a family.  What is the protocol for addressing this?  It was a very nice gesture,  and I feel like I should acknowledge the gesture somehow, but I was wondering if a short thank you note would be silly, since the gift itself was a thank you.  Is a thank you note for a thank you gift redundant, or is there a way to do it that doesn't make it seem like you're going back and forth with the thank yous? Or does one just go with a verbal thank you and leave it at that?

I'm just not sure.  Any guidance/opinions would be appreciated.

It's appropriate to thank someone for a gift, even if they gave it to you to thank you for something you did. I wouldn't worry about getting looped into a gratitude Möbius, but if you want to keep it low-key, a phone call or email would probably work.

If they gave it to you in person and you thanked them at the time, I would think that was enough. If you didn't get a chance to thank them at the time, then a note or email would be nice.

I agree with the above. 

You received a gift in gratitude for your service to the team.   You're sending an acknowledgement for the gift. 

This isn't like a 'You're Welcome' note for a TY note. 

My husband and I coach different sports teams and have received "thank you" gifts from the kids and the parents.

Even if we say thanks when we receive it, we always send a thank you note afterwards.  Sometimes the group gives a gift card, and it isn't always possible to thank them in person, so the mailed thank you lets them each know we received it, plus we tell them how much fun we had with them that season.


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