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On the time-vacuum that is Pinterest, I keep seeing a pin for crock pot bread. It is from a blog post on the people who wrote the * Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.

This isn’t so much a recipe request as a question: has anyone actually made their bread—particularly the basic recipe (either the original or whole wheat)? Is it any good?

Is it really as simple as they make it sound (pour ingredients into bowl, stir, let sit, refrigerate until needed, make a ball, bake)?

I want to try, but my experience with yeast-y things comprises a single attempt at helping my grandmother make bread about 20 years ago, where by helping, I mean I just watched her do it all, providing a bit of manual labor as needed.

I like the crockpot idea, though, because we don’t have an oven in the house.

I've made the Dutch oven artisan bread and its that easy and delicious.  But I've never seen the crockpot version.  I can't see it being hot enough.  link?


They use their basic recipe from the book (so I’m mostly curious if the recipe is tasty and worth making… worst case scenario, I can take it over to my SO’s parents’ and bake it there if really needed) and claim it works out okay, with the caveat that it needs a few min in the oven to crisp up the crust (I think my toaster oven will suffice for that, just probably not the whole baking process)

Go for it, I like how they are truthful it's not browned.  it sounds like it would work.

I use a similar method - I mix my bread ingredients, usually for a single loaf, then put the dough into a sturdy plastic bag which I have oiled inside or sprayed with cooking spray to prevent sticking.  I don't even knead the dough before I put it in the bag.  Every once in a while I pick up the bag and squeeze the dough several times.  I stick this in the fridge and leave it there three or four days before baking.  The dough gets nicely rice and flavorful.  When it's time to bake I take it out of the fridge and let it warm up to room temp for a little while before shaping and baking.  Very easy and the yeast always rises (I usually use a very small amount of yeast due to the long fermentation time).

I would love to try the multi-loaf recipe but my fridge is not large enough to store a large container of dough for that long so I just do it a loaf at a time.  Remember to allow a few days in the fridge for the dough to ripen.

I will definitely give the crock pot method and try and see how it works.  I say go for it.


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