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Let them eatů artisan bread

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I tried the 5-minutes-a-day artisan bread over the weekend. I accidentally let the dough sit out overnight Saturday before refrigerating it. I made a loaf Sunday night and it was lovely. The crust was a little thick for my preference, but the interior was soft and fluffy, and it had a bit of a sourdough-like tang. My husband and our roommate are very excited about the prospect of having fresh bread four nights a week. :)

Stitchygrey, did you proof your yeast before using it? I don't think the recipe said to, but I always do to make sure my yeast is active. When I want something to rise nicely and promptly, I turn my oven on to 350 for one minute only, then shut it off and put the dough inside. It makes a good warm environment to foster rising.


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