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--- Quote from: snowdragon on March 21, 2013, 10:19:21 AM ---11) Dress Appropriately Extremely low cut tops, or pants so baggy we see your undershorts, are not appropriate. A nice dress and a clean suit will do you well. No it's not "discrimination" to expect a bit of class.

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I prefer to think of this rule as "Dress as well as, or better than, the your interviewer/company's employees". Meaning, I am interviewing for jobs, most of which as business casual, even men wear nice jeans there. I would go to the interview wearing a suit or nice dress (business attire, or what I call "law-firm attire")

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The "dress one degree up" rule applies, BTW, even in "creative" or more casual fields.  Where I work (at a preschool), jeans are accepted for everyday wear, provided they are neat and clean and don't show your underwear.  At a minimum, I would expect a job candidate to wear dress pants and a shirt or blouse.  (Since I'm in middle management, I went one or two degrees higher than that at my own interview:  a dress with a jacket.)

Today I interviewed a candidate who was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.  Yes, to a job interview.   :o  He also had poorly-groomed dreadlocks.  FWIW, I would have no problem with a candidate who wore braids or locks to an interview, as long as they were clean and neatly groomed. (My boss is African-American and wears neat braids, so braids or well-kept locks would be acceptable in my workplace.)

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I see shorts and t - shirt, and raise you a t - shirt and ripped jeans. Yeah, someone wore that to an interview.  :o


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