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Door is closed, light is on... do you knock first?

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Personally, I'd prefer to not have to interact while I'm using the facilities. 

If someone tries the handle, they discover it's locked and they leave/wait. 

If someone knocks, they expect an answer if the room is occupied.  Precisely what I don't want to have to do if it's me in there.

To each their own, that's just me.

This weekend my kids and I were at the pool. There is a men's bathroom with change room, a women's, and three family bathroom/shower/change rooms. The family rooms have locked doors that show as "occupied" when bolted from the inside. Sometimes all three are full, then you wait your turn.

My kids and I had one of the three. We only had to do the pre-shower, as we'd worn our suits in to the facility.  Imagine my surprise when I heard a jangling of keys at the door, no knock at all. We had finished our prep so I whipped that door open, to reveal a young couple (no kids, just couple) and a surprised looking pool worker. The pool worker was apologetic, and helped us get a toddler sized life vest after ascertaining we really were done with the room. Apparently the couple had asked him to unlock it as they didn't think anyone was using it...we'd been less than 5 minutes and I hadn't heard any knock, as I was able to hear the keys through the door I'm certain I could have heard a knock.

I was just amazed the pool worker took their word for it and didn't knock himself before unlocking the door. I think he learned a valuable lesson.

I am a stealth jiggler. I try to do it as quietly as possible as I'm concerned if I do it loudly the person inside will think I'm trying to hurry them along. Although, that's not really how I would feel if I was the person. Heh.
I too, hate having to yell at someone that it's occupied.  But I wouldn't be annoyed or offended if someone chose to knock and would yell "I will be out shortly". But I would prefer to not have to.

As to the walking in on someone if they don't lock the door? Them's the breaks.  I have done that to someone in a stall more than once and you just quickly back out saying excuse me.  Besides, I think that there is always the possibility that someone could answer a knock and you wouldn't hear them - especially in noisy places, or restrooms with really loud fans. So then you would be in the same position as the jiggler. :)


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