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Author Topic: Vegetarian guests  (Read 7575 times)

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Re: Vegetarian guests
« Reply #15 on: March 13, 2013, 09:35:32 PM »
It sounds like your mom thinks someone sabotaged her meat. If I had any suspicion that these people had sabotaged my meat, they would no long be welcome in my home.  And I would say that for anyone I suspected of sabotaging anything in my home. My home is where I get to be safe, if someone can't allow me to be safe in my home, they don't get to be there

No they do  not get dictate the contents of another's kitchen. Nor do they get to make comments about it and be considered polite.

But I don't think vegetarian guests get to dictate their hosts not have meat in the refrigerator just because they are staying there.

I agree.

Guests do not get to dictate the contents of their hosts' fridge, freezer or cupboard. The visiting girl was beyond rude.

OTOH, I can't understand why hosts' would have a problem with guests storing their own (guest) drinks in the fridge.


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Re: Vegetarian guests
« Reply #16 on: March 13, 2013, 09:40:21 PM »
My stomach squicks at meat counters in stores, I avoid meat markets, and I would not care to see a hunk of raw meat out in the open in someone's refrigerator.  I am a grown up and were I a guest, I would deal, silently.  But I honestly wouldn't want to put my food in there or use that refrigerator, so I would, without comment, make arrangements that made me comfortable.  Coolers are cheap.  So is ice.
I absolutely cannot imagine someone doing something to the meat in that refrigerator.  What?  Why? 
Foods being marinated should be enclosed, not out in the open, I believe, from a culinary aspect.  I suspect refrigerator funk.  And I don't care for preachy anybodys, including other vegetarians.

As far as the what/why I would assume a personality that uses the same justification that some people use when secretly slipping vegetarians meat.  There are people out there so disrespectful that they will deliberately sabotage the decisions, choices and needs of other people.

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