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Duplicating work (a bit long) Update #10

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Ok, we'll a bit of an update.

It's been a stressful time since I last posted, so I'm hoping I can more on to a better job with better hours and more pay. Getting it will be a bit of a gamble though.

Basically, we were playing catch up all week and all the things I predicted that were made worse did. And work I had sent hours doing on week before classes was made redundant by later decisions my boss had made.

The numbers weren't really a problem, not compared to the fact she had told me to create library system accounts based on info in the student database before the students came in to register. So we ended up with students unable to register as our system won't let us have duplicate entries.

I found an efficient work around, getting the students to confirm their details that we had entered from the database to make sure they were correct. Then entering new details students had given us. All we had to do was talk to them for a few minutes and take their photo.

I had been doing this for about a week and a half when I told her his yesterday, and she told me not to do it anymore as it was too complicated. Her method? To let the student create a duplicate entry (by adding a character to the ID s the system would let us, something else I proposed which she said no when I suggested it and the she suggested it herself!) or telling the student that they couldn't register for ther card today and to come back another day.

This time I shut my mouth. I was also upset by the fact that hours of work I had done that she had told me to do was now getting in the way of us doing our jobs properly, which was getting student cards to students. I'm beginning see she's one of those people who doesn't welcome new ideas because they aren't hers, even if they 110% better than the solutions she gave us.

She noticed that I was upset, I think, and tried to explain to me her reasons for her decisions. More efficiency, big picture, being ale to explain this to other staff as well as admin stuffing up big time. But really, my solution did make it so much easier and she didn't acknowledge that.

This is further compounded by the fact that the girl on the front desk isn't checking everything when students come in, despite the fact that she has been told by my boss to do so several times. It created more work for me when she didn't check into at her end. But I did feel sorry for her when she had to tell students who had come for their ID cards to come back another day because we had stuffed up.

They wanted me to work today, I said no as it meant I was working all week and would have had no time for the things I usually do Mondays to do today. And I meant to apply for that job. However, my current boss is the only one who can say I can do things that this job requires, which means getting a reference from her. She knew she was going to lose me one way or mother, but I don't think she was thinking this soon!

Who is this person in relationship to your job? 

Is she your supervisor?  Above you somehow?  Is she just a co-worker?

Does she have anything to do with the end product of her decisions? Anotherwords, she is putting this system into place, but is she involved in any way to see how it actually works?   If not, I would invite her to do so and explain to her why her system is not working.

And if you can, I would be going above her head if this is not corrected.  It is not only a hassle for the staff, but the students as well.

OP, this sounds like a stressful time, I'm sorry you're going through this. :(

I guess my only suggestion at this point is to try and document the conflicting and inefficient orders you've been given. Even if Boss gives you verbal instructions, follow up with an email repeating them--"just so you can be clear" or something like that. It's possible at some point the opportunity will arise to pass that information on to someone above Boss, or back to Boss herself if she tries to blame you for doing what she told you.

It is really frustrating, especially when it affects "the public," but unless the actions she wants you to take are getting into illegal/dangerous/etc. territory, it sounds like it might be best to just go along with them, while making sure you have documentation that better ideas were rejected.

I can't go over her head, it would end up looking bad for me and the library is pretty much her kingdom. No one else but us or maybe the IT guy gets our systems. It really only matters when we have a lot of people coming in. At least next time we know what not to do.

Anyway, the influx seems to be winding down somewhat. I managed to catalogue some books yesterday and I applied for the dream position. Got a four day weekend over Easter but there won't be much relaxing.

Well, it's been a little while since my first  update  and the other day my boss did conceded that she was wrong assigning me to do the work in the first place.

It's quieted down a lot, but admin are still giving us problems with giving excuses for not enrolling students properly. And a lot of them are worried as they have tests on and assignments due soon.

But, I had an interview today for dream job and hopefully I don't have to work there for much longer


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