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You helped me out and now I'm taking it back?

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I think that Barb was rude and out of line, especially to do the switches at the last minute.

I also wonder if Barb is doing something very sneaky here.  You didn't say what the job is, but if they are waitresses perhaps the tips are better on Saturday.  If such is the case, Barb may try this again if Anne doesn't set boundaries.

If this happens again Anne could just say that the switches "won't work" for her.

Library Dragon:
Barb is out of line.  Ann should let the boss know.  I would want to know about an employee having someone take her shift (if there's a problem I know who to address), but more importantly Barb is changing another employee's shift.

Also, there may be a monetary loss to the company.  If Barb is paid more, and may receive even a higher wage for working on the weekend as a fulltime employee, the boss definitely needs to know this. 

Barb was definitely wrong. Trading shifts and covering shifts are not the same thing!  Barb asked Ann to cover her shift. That's extra money for Ann. By Barb later changing the terms of the agreement to a trading shifts, that's taking money right out of Ann's pocket. Ann should not suffer for helping Barb out!

I do think Ann should talk to the boss about it, not in an accusatory way but more a "hey I'd like a bit of clarification on policy..." way. This keeps the boss in the loop of whats going on without Ann actually complaining about Barb.


--- Quote from: LeveeWoman on March 15, 2013, 10:49:01 PM ---Did you lose money?

--- End quote ---

I'm confused by this reply, LeveeWoman. Why are you asking the OP if she lost money?

Thank you for the replies everyone!  There is not policy that shifts must be traded.  Barb is salaried whereas Anne is paid by the hour. I hope that Anne approaches our boss with this. Unfortunately, I think this may come back to bite Barb as it seems Anne indicated to me she may not be so agreeable to covering for Barb again if in the end there is no monetary benefit for her.


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