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Rude Customer Service: Should this interfere with business decisions?UPDATED

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--- Quote from: Midnight Kitty on March 18, 2013, 10:33:53 PM ---I like the way you worked in something nice to say about the employee who helped you.  It gives your criticism more weight because you aren't generalizing or saying "all your people are rude."  You noted good customer service, too.

Well done, weeblewobble.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, my mom and I talked about it and one of the reasons I was reluctant to report it was that we didn't want all of the employees on that shift to get in trouble.  So we wanted to make sure that the Helpful Employee wasn't lumped in with the rude ones.



I was just going to write about my experiences with Spotlight and why I will not go into one any more.  They are dreadful.  It must be the management as I am across the ditch in Auckland.  I did go into one in Melbourne to see if they were any different over there and nope just as bad.



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