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Rude Customer Service: Should this interfere with business decisions?UPDATED

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Regardless of what you decide, the manager/owner needs to be told about this.  They can't fix something if they don't know about it. 

And, I wouldn't do it to prove my point.


If it were a single case of bad service I don't think I'd withdraw - any store can have a bad incident.  But you have a single well documented case of very bad service, and upon checking you've found that this is a pattern at the store. If bad service is a pattern, it's usually linked to bad management, which does directly affect what you're doing.

So I think withdrawing is wise for your sake, and the manager/owner needs to be told. I think that telling them that your acquaintance received terrible service when dropping off the info packet, and that you subsequently discovered this store has a reputation for bad service, so you aren't comfortable doing a workshop somewhere where the participants will be treated rudely.


--- Quote from: weeblewobble on March 17, 2013, 03:34:45 PM ---Sure, maybe the staff was just having a bad day.  And it may be a little unfair to judge them based on an interaction with my mother.
--- End quote ---

Neither of these things matter. This isn't an issue of feelings, it's an issue of very bad management.

I have to throw this out there....what if your mother hadn't been your mother, but a paid employee that represented your company (or what you do)?  I bet you wouldn't be second-guessing yourself then.

For professionalism, they failed.

If their lack of professionalism/customer service could reflect badly on you, I would lay that out there for the manager, if they should contact you to actually book you for the gig.

I think it is up to you...are you getting a hinky feeling about this store and think it is going to be more trouble than it is worth? 

You could do no follow up and wait to see if they contact you...if they do contact you much later asking what is going on then you could tell the story of how customer service was when your associate (don't have to mention it was your mom) dropped off the packet and based on that you didn't think they were interested in working with the public.


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