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Ground Emu? Update

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I have the title meat for dinner, and I don't know what it tastes like. Could somebody please give me a hint as to what sort of sauce/treatment I should give it? Curry? Chili? Pesto?

Wrong package: it's not ground. What do do with an emu roast?

Outdoor Girl:
From what I understand, emu is closer to beef than poultry in flavour and consistency.  You could do a traditional pot roast with the veggies in the pan and then make a gravy with a stronger flavour than you would normally make for beef.

If you do have some ground, you could use it in place of beef in any dish you would normally make.


Outdoor Girl:
I should give you the caveat that I've only sampled emu at Costco - I've never cooked it myself before.


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