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Camp Nano 2013


Anybody doing this in April?  This year it is in April and July.  I am considering it, because I have a short story already written that I am wanting to turn into a historical novel.  I think cabins are already opening up, so if anybody wants to be cabinmates, now is a good time!

How does it work?  Is this the same as writing a whole novel in November, or is it revising what you've already written?

Yes.  Basically the same as November nano, just in April and July.  Go to their website, www.campnanowrimo.org, and it is the same login as you have for the nano website.

I'm going to try and do it this year.  My Nano novel needs some help.

I'm doing the one in July, because I have way too much going on in April, with papers and getting ready to graduate, etc. I have a new novel in mind, but I definitely want to plan it out more before I talk about it.


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