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Farewell Gift Suggestions?

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I don't think this is an etiquette question so much as a looking for suggestions thing, so I'm going to put it in the cofee break folder.

We just found out that our neighbor down the hall is going to be moving to a seniors' home. Although I'm not super close with her, I have enjoyed chatting with her off and on over the five or so years we've lived here. We bonded over our cats (although she's going to have to give hers away now :( ), and she gave us a lovely card when we were married. I'd really like to give "Jane" a card or a little gift, to let her know we'll miss her. I'm really rubbish at picking these things out though.

Any suggestions what  I could get her?

rose red:
Maybe a journal?  Even if she doesn't write about her life, she can use it for lists.  It's amazing how lists that you don't think is important at the time can turn into memories.

What I got from my last job: a Visa prepaid card, earmarked for buying things for my new home or office.

How about a pot plant for her new place?

I really like rose red's suggestion . . . a nice notebook type of thing along with a really cool pen is a great idea.

Maybe some stamps and stationary? but I like rose red's idea better.

Knick-knack keepsake? not so favorable for her downsizing.

Maybe send her a "Welcome to your new Home" plant or flowers to her new location?


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