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Chewy, moist cookie recipes.

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Outdoor Girl:
I have a recipe for ginger snaps that we purposely undercook so they stay soft and moist.  If people are interested, I'll post when I get home tonight.

Fell in love with this recipe and decided to make an organic version and sell it through a health food store that I make and bake other foods. But it's not some big 'company secret' since there are more than a few versions of the same recipe on the Internets.

As with all cookies, the trick is to not overbake and it's really better to make these a little smaller for more perfect, consistent results.
It's a little pricey to have all the ingredients when you consider 5 different types of chips but you could do a triple batch with 1 bag each of the chips.

Here is a good, soft, chocolate cookie recipe. Like fudgy brownies in a cookie form.

Melt together
1/4 c. + 1 T. margarine
5 ounces unsweetened chocolate

Add 1 egg
1/2 c. water
2 c. flour
2 c. sugar
2 t. baking powder
1/2t. salt

Mix well, chill dough for 30-45 minutes in fridge.
Roll in balls, dip balls in regular sugar. Bake at 300 degrees for 15-18 minutes.

Here is one for soft PB cookies.

1 c. brown sugar
1/2 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. butter or margarine, softened
1 egg
1-1/4 c. flour
3/4 t. b. soda
1/2 t. b. powder
1/4 t. salt
1 c. peanut butter chips.
granulated sugar

heat oven to 375. Mix brown sugar, butter, PB, and egg. Add dry ingredients and chips.
shape dough into 1-1/2" balls. Dip top of balls in granulated sugar. place sugar side up on ungreased cookie sheet about 3 " apart. Bake 9 to 10 minutes until golden brown , cool 5 minutes before removing from cookie sheets.

Do not flatten tops or criss-cross with fork. These spread out and get those nice crackle tops. If you make the balls perfectly round these will look like professional bakery cookies. I leave out the chips and they are still awesome.

Barb3000, does it make a difference if you switch out the margarine for butter?


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