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Author Topic: Homemade cleaning products  (Read 6267 times)

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Re: Homemade cleaning products
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I tried the homemade laundry soap found here -
I used it dry, 1 tbsp per load in my HE washer, and loved it for about 6 weeks. Then we realized DH's strange chest and back breakouts started about 2 weeks in and the whites were getting dingy. I still use distilled vinegar as a fabric softener with my sheets and towels.

I made some dishwasher detergent that I'm liking.
At first I had a white residue on the dishes but then I realized I was using way too much of the mixture. They recommend no more than a tablespoon and I was using 2. Now I split the one between the main cup and the open prewash cup and I'm happy with the results. One thing to be aware of is it'll clump pretty badly. We wrapped about 1/4C of uncooked rice in a paper towel, closed it up tight with a rubber band and burried it in the middle of the mix. That helps a lot.

I made both of these and had similar problems.  What I do now is alternate my homemade soap with a preferred commercial brand (Mrs. Myers).  This has helped with the rashes and film on the dishes, but stretches my dollars.

My husband and I have switched from shaving cream with a mixture of coconut oil (sold), coconut oil(liquid), and shea butter. 

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