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Sales party: the bait and switch! Update #42, #48, #90, #109, FINAL #134

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That is absolutely wonderful.

Continuing to pray and sending good thoughts for you, baby, and all who are helping to care for you both!

My prayers are with you, too, OP. May your baby hold on for many more weeks to come!

Bet you've never been so glad to be kicked !

I'll keep sending good thoughts your way for you and your baby .

Because I am a naturally curious person who likes hearing the end of stories, I thought you might like to hear this one :)

All the lovely thoughts and prayers helped! My little baby was born this morning, full term albeit 11 days early! She has been proclaimed to be perfectly healthy, while my own health has been pronounced to be recovering exceptionally well. We will both be going home tomorrow morning!

I would like to extend my deepfelt thanks to everyone here who has been so supportive, especially through the period when I honestly thought that I was going to lose my little girl. Holding her now gives me such joy and blessings that I can hardly believe how lucky I am.

On other news, my friend has dropped out of the sales company thing. But our friendship has been damaged and we have not been in contact since this thread. She has made no effort to reach out and neither have I. Some friendships are destined to completely die, I guess.


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